my new life of thinking

firstly starting to clear that its my piont of view, how i think life is….

       life has three parts

: observation

: frendship

: relationship


first the there was nothing or no consept of science  in human life but after sometime he made observation then he got the result of that and that was new technology takes place in human life and after making more observation he reached the moon.From my point of view observation means to observe the people think about them and main think is to help them.


After observing the people you will must need friend ,that can be of differet type of friends,like college friends ,university friends,husband and neibours etc.And i think friendship is must in life because when when you stop they push you ,when you are sad they are happiness for you,when you  are searching they are guide for you.and much more.


When you run from your childhood to older ,then you will need some extra ordinary help and that will be ,if you want to do job by your self you can,but husband is the special gift from GOD and be thankful to GOD for his semphthy upon you .Husband is the best protector for you because he ccan help you including finencially,house,studies etc.

Needed: Distraction-free writing


me also

Originally posted on Manisha Dhalani:

This weekend I fought hard with my ultimate nemesis yet again – Facebook.

I am really beginning to consider getting myself an electronic typewriter to do my writing assignments. The more projects I get, the more my mind wants to go crawling back to nosing around Facebook, and the fact that I do it so automatically is really disturbing!

Luckily, I came across a tool that would help me control this. And that too, at the perfect timing for I had a pile of work to be completed during the weekend and my mind was crying out for a solution.

I had the following things to finish:

  • Editing an e-book
  • Creating the first draft for a company profile
  • Completing two articles
  • Editing two articles
  • Preparing an invoice
  • Planning the next steps for another website

Plus, I wanted to watch this new movie that aired last night and I was trying…

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